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Anger Management

Stress & Anger


Anger Management Class

How many times do you lose control over your emotions and act in a way, which you will regret later on? How many times do you promise yourself you will no longer lose control over a very stressful situation? Anger management group will teach you skills that will help you become aware of your emotions, and will help you navigate difficult and stressful situations in a peaceful way. Criticism can be responded to in a healthy or in an unhealthy way.


Unhealthy way:
You may be inclined to start an argument by saying or doing something you don’t mean, and regret later.

Healthy way:
You can communicate with your partner in an assertive way, letting the person know what you feel and need without alienating him/her and sabotaging the relationship.
Anger management group will help you understand your inner process, the emotional triggers that lead to angry reactions, and teach you coping skills to more effectively deal with stressful circumstances.

Communication is the key. Anger is a secondary emotion and we become angry when we don’t have our needs met. Learning how to communicate our needs to our partners will help us to change patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communication into an assertive communication, which will lead to a more stable and rewarding relationship.

The program consists of 10 weekly meetings.

Classes starting in August 2014

Thursday August 07/14 – Webinar online class – 8:15 to 9:15 PM
Saturday August 07/16 – In person class – 1:15 to 2:15 PM

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