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Anger & Neurofeedback

Anger Management & NeurofeedbackAnger Management

Anger is a natural human emotion. In fact it is one of the most important emotions for survival. On the other hand, I know we have all experienced saying something we don’t mean, acting on impulse, or overstepping boundaries during an anger outburst. Having a short temper can get people into a lot of trouble. It is important to know that anger will always be a part of us, the trick is learning to control it.

Being under a lot of stress is usually a precursor to anger outbursts. Stress leads to physiological arousal rooted in the brain. This mechanism is very closely related to the anger center in our brain. When we have been under a lot of stress for a while our actual physiology begins to change and our brains become more sensitive to emotional reactivity.

Then is there a way to control or clear this emotional reactivity? You bet! Neurofeedback is very effective in countering emotional reactivity. It uses 3 or 4 very simple electrodes softly placed on the scalp to measure where this reactivity is happening. Next, this information is relayed to the brain via a monitor, at which point the brain makes appropriate adjustments conducive to more productive emotional responses.

Anger is part of being human, but don’t let it take control. Get on the driver’s seat and take charge of your journey. Call Los Angeles Neurofeedback! Give us a call and ask for our 15 minutes free phone consultation so we can inform you about Neurofeedback and Anger Management Training. (310) 600-0159


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