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Children & Adolescents

Children & Adolescents


Children are in a state of rapid change and growth during their developmental years. Parents are often concerned about their child’s well being. Children’s changes of behavior and emotional states always provokes anxiety in their parents. They fear if there is something wrong with their child. The child who is passing through a crisis most of the time causes disruption to the family’s life and the child’s own world.

Paying attention to the child’s emotional and psychological states is very important. Most of the time through a simple conversation, the child’s distress can be resolved. A parent who is present and aware of the child’s needs will more than likely be able to assist the child and soothe his or her emotional needs. On the other hand, there are other times that even the most present parent cannot help, and at this point it is very important that they seek professional help.

Children and adolescents Psychotherapy involves a diverse number of techniques and methods to help the client who is experiencing psychological or emotional distress. Change in the client’s feelings and behaviors occurs leading to growth and development of new ways to deal with life, and relationships.

When treating children and adolescents, I make the initial assessment, gathering information about the child’s medical, and family history. Keeping in mind the child’s current problems, history, level of development, ability to cooperate with treatment, and what interventions are most likely to help with the presenting problems. Then I develop his/her treatment plan. I present and discuss the treatment plan with the parents and start the treatment developing a relationship with the child.

The child or adolescent must feel comfortable, safe and understood. Developing a trusting relationship through art and play therapy, I facilitate and assist my clients to express their thoughts and feelings causing growth and transformation. Therapy can assist them to resolve conflicts with people, understand feelings and problems, and tryout new solutions to their problems.

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