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Workshops – Cristina Wood, MA, MFT

My workshops are the result of my research in Psychology and Human Potentialities to improve people’s lives. I thrive to touch, move and inspire all those with whom I connect, and I hope that I can help each one of you to achieve growth and transformation in your life.

The Loving Parenting

The Loving Parenting Workshop

In this workshop you will learn a completely new paradigm about communicating with your little ones. You will learn that NonViolent communication is possible and through exercises and hands on materials you will learn how to communicate with your kids in a loving, nurturing and respectful way to get what you want.This one day workshop teaches you techniques you can apply right away and improve your connection with your children. It will show you how to think about your actions as parent and what your children need to become healthy human beings. You will learn to become an emotional coach to your children.Our next workshop will be held on:

Date: Coming soon!
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:30PM
Price: $125


Human Potentialities - How to use emotology to enhance your life Workshop

Emotology studies the development of the human potentialities through the utilization of our system of auto-preservation and preservation of the species. According to Dr. Luiz Machado Ph.D. Brazilian Professor founder of Emotology, with the integration of the limbic system (part of the brain responsible for the emotions) and the endocrine system, we can mobilize our potentialities and accomplish whatever we want to accomplish in life.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of emotology and will understand how your psychological and emotional states influence the results in everything you do in your life. You will learn techniques you can apply immediately to effectively reach your objectives in all aspects of your life.

Date: Coming Soon!
Time: 09:00 AM to 04:30PM
Price: $125 – Breakfast included


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